2018-2019 Board of Directors

The 2018-2019 Board officers and Board positions have been elected and we would like to introduce them to the AZDBA community!

2018-2019 Board Officers

AZDBA President – Rick Elias
The AZDBA President is the head of our organization and handles all high-level inquiries/ general issues that impacts AZDBA and its entire community of paddlers. He can be contacted at president@azdba.org

AZDBA Vice-President – John Glitsos
The AZDBA Vice-President handles the affairs of AZDBA if the President is not able to serve in that capacity. He can be reached at vice-president@azdba.org

AZDBA Treasurer – Laura Rasmussen
The AZDBA Treasurer handles all the financial transactions for AZDBA and its teams. If you have any questions about team fiscal sponsorship/fundraising, or any other general inquires about AZDBA finances, please contact Laura at treasurer@azdba.org

AZDBA Secretary – Michele Laye
The AZDBA Secretary handles many of the administrative tasks of the AZDBA board, including taking and archiving minutes of all board meetings. She is also the keeper of all official AZDBA documents, handbooks, procedures, and the like.  She can be contacted at secretary@azdba.org

2018-2019 Board Manager Positions

AZDBA Membership Secretary – Melissa Adams
The AZDBA Membership Secretary is responsible for maintaining membership rosters and insuring membership dues are current. If you have any issues/questions about membership dues, current paid rosters for your team, or similar issues in regards to membership, she can be reached at membership@azdba.org

AZDBA Captain and Coaches Liason– Emil Benov
The AZDBA Captain/Coaches Liason is the intermediary between AZDBA and the teams.  He sets up regular/periodic meetings with the team captains/coaches to convey any new changes to rules or any other type of information that pertains to the teams. He can be reached at cnc@azdba.org

AZDBA IT/Wesite Manager – Ben Choi
The AZDBA IT / Website Manager handles all the IT functions for the AZDBA board, including the website and its administration, email domain, and all other technology concerns. If you have any suggestions, comments, concerns about AZDBA technology, Ben can be contacted at webmaster@azdba.org

AZDBA Public Relations Manager – Betty Flores
The AZDBA PR Manager handles all the public relations inquiries for AZDBA. This includes social media (Facebook and Twitter), and conventional media (electronic – radio/TV, and print – magazine/newspaper). She can be contacted at pr@azdba.org

AZDBA Safety/Compliance Manager – June Hammer
The AZDBA Safety/Compliance Manager is responsible for any safety and compliance issues in regards to the boats, equipment, and/or any other procedures related to lake/marina etiquette. To report any issues, concerns, or suggestions, please contact June at safety@azdba.org

Other 2018-2019 Board Members

Gary Cumberland – Gary is a long time AZDBA member and has served on at least 7 boards previously.  He has been involved in 14 of the 15 AZDBA festivals and brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and insight into the workings of AZDBA. To reach Gary, please contact him at board@azdba.org

Stephen Butler – Steve has been an avid paddler with AZDBA since 2014 and has paddled with just about every team under the AZDBA umbrella.  He is an active athlete who enjoys endurance sports, and can be found running, biking, paddling, or doing something crazy just about every weekend in Phoenix. To contact Steve, you can email him at board@azdba.org

For more information and details about the 2018-2019 AZDBA Board of Directions including pictures and bios, please refer to our AZDBA Board of Directors website page.