Original SnapDragons artwork by Lucy

The Arizona SnapDragons are an AZDBA team for youth paddlers. Our team focuses on fun, teamwork, kindness and making friends. Ages 8 to 18 can join! You’ll have a great time learning how to paddle, making new friends, competing for medals, and exercising by getting outside on the beautiful Tempe Town Lake. Practicing during the sunset hours of 5:30 – 7:30 allows us all to sleep in in the morning! Bring the kids for a unique exercise that allows them to be dragons and travel to compete in races!

Join the SnapDragons today for a fun exercise, a unique sport, and team building experience on Tempe Town Lake!

Arizona SnapDragons

Established: 2024
Team Members: 20
Type: Competitive
Gender: All
Competes As: Youth
Practice Days: Sunday


Coach: Amanda Fonseca
Years working with youth: 15
Years Paddling: 2
Amanda has a passion for Dragon Boat and helping children learn new skills. Her family loves the outdoors and is on the lake many nights a week. Amanda is a member of Team Blue and Sungi.


Coach:Marissa Carranza
Years working with youth:
Years Paddling:
Marissa is known for her kindness and helpfulness towards everyone. She loves Dragon Boating with her family and is on the lake most nights of the week. Marissa is a member of the Gila Dragons and Sungi.

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