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  • Discover which team is right for you! AZDBA currently has 11 teams and each team is unique in leadership, competitiveness, and community.
  • All of our teams welcome new members and will help you to be the best paddler you can be!
  • AZDBA membership entitles you to paddle with as many teams as you want, as often as you want, as long as there’s a spot in the boat – even if you haven’t designated that team as “your team”.  This is a great way to get to know other members of the association, engage with various team coaches, and ultimately choose the right team(s) for you.

Practice Schedule

Team Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
ASU 6:30-8PM 9:30-11AM (8AM Mar-Oct)
AZ Blaze Canoe Club 7:30-9:00AM (6:30AM May-Oct) 6:30-8:00PM 5:15-7:45AM
AZ Snapdragons 5:30-7:30PM
CrAZy Cuddlefish 8:30-10:00AM
Dragon Riders 9-10:30AM (8AM Mar-Oct) 6:15-7:45PM **6:30-8PM
Gila Dragons 6-8PM 6-8PM 8-9:30AM (7AM Mar-Oct)
MonGi 6:30-8:30PM **9:30-11:30AM (8:30AM Mar-Oct)
Phoenix Desert Dragons 8-9:30AM (7AM Mar-Oct) 6:30-8PM
Phoenix Fire Dragons 6:30-8PM 8-9:30AM (7AM Mar-Oct)
SunGi **6:30-8PM
Team Blue 6:15-8PM

** Team Land Drills 30 minutes prior to practice.

Visit Our Team Pages

Arizona State University

Dragon Boat at ASU is an official ASU sport club and AZDBA team.

AZ Blaze Canoe Club

Arizona Blaze Canoe Club is a competitive, all ages team that paddles both dragon boats and outriggers.

AZ SnapDragons

AZ SnapDragons is a team for youth paddlers.

CrAZy Cuddlefish

CrAZy Cuddlefish is a mixed youth team.

AZ Dragon Riders

Dragon Riders

Arizona Dragon Riders was established in Spring 2008.  We are one of the most enthusiastic, diversified, and competitive teams.

Arizona Gila Dragons - Dragon Boat Team

Gila Dragons

Gila Dragons is the oldest (and founding) mixed adult team of AZDBA.


MonGi is a premier paddling team comprised of the most competitive paddlers across AZDBA.

Phoenix Desert Dragons

Phoenix Desert Dragons is AZDBA’s breast cancer survivor team.

Phoenix Fire Dragons / Phoenix Haboobs

Phoenix Fire Dragons (PFD) is a mixed adult AZDBA team. Phoenix Haboobs is a women’s team made up of PFD members.


SunGi is an all women’s AZDBA team.

Team Blue

Team Blue is an adaptive team for civilians/veterans with disabilities and support paddlers.