Suggestion Box is Open!

AZDBA has heard your comments about needing to be more open and transparent, and we would like to open it up to the larger community to hear more of your great ideas!  AZDBA would not be able to function without the all the wonderful paddlers and people in our small community, so we would love to hear from you and any ideas, concerns, suggestions, criticisms, or anything else you would like to communicate with us about how to improve the organization and improve what we do/how we do it!

There are two ways that you can reach out to us to make yourself heard:

  1. Shoot us an email about your idea/concern and we promise someone from the board will get back to you about it.   The easiest way to blanket the entire board is to send an email to, which will reach the entire set of Board of Directors.  If you wish to be a little more selective, please read about the different board roles/functions here, then fire off an email to a smaller audience who you feel might be able to address your concerns more effectively.
  2. Attend one of our upcoming AZDBA Board Meetings – we want to be as transparent as possible and would love for you to attend one of our upcoming board meetings!   The board meetings are always open to anyone who is a current AZDBA member to attend.   And we always reserve a time in our monthly agenda (Open Round Table) for ad hoc items to be brought up to be discussed.   We can’t promise that we can resolve the issue during the meeting, but you will be heard, and it will be addressed.   If you would like to attend an upcoming meeting, please reach out to our secretary at, who can furnish you with meeting logistics (date, place, and time).  Please do give us a heads up to let us know you will be attending so that we can insure our meeting place can accommodate the extra people and/or in case we need to notify you of any changes to the meeting location/date/time.

AZDBA is only as great as its people, so lets work together to make this AZDBA’s best year ever!