2018 Festival Wrap-Up Meeting Minutes: Apr. 12, 2018

Date / Time:

April 12, 2018, 6:05PM


Claim Jumper Restaurant, 1530 Baseline Road, Tempe AZ 85283


Alicia Jerger, Laura Duvall, Jeff Walther, Lana Walther, Michele Laye, Rik Elias, Ash Lagazo, Eric Tang, Russ Downs, Gary Cumberland, Ronda Carlso, Diane, Marisa Singpradith, Jeff L, Desiree Simmons

Scheduled Absence:

Ronnie Sebastian, Jordie


Setup / Boat Launching

  1. Setting up of tent city was a success and we received lots of positive feedback from visiting teams.
  2. Boats were on the water by afternoon.


  1. Michele will make a list of where tents are.  Russ suggested a white board with a grid in addition.
  2. Eric re: Race Course… next year clarify the buoy line hook up and tie poles with lanyards (lost a few poles to lake from boat)
  3. Next year we should identify tasks, crew leaders for each and separate crews.


Corporate Teams

  1. Greatest weakness is lack of adequate drummers/steers.  Michele was having to get steers and drummers from the boat as it docked.


  1. Marshaling area needs to ask for hands up of steers and drummer.
  2. Can we have people stay in the boat for a block of time (e.g. ~3 hours)
  3. Gary and Julie suggest that if we have 27 Corp teams we sign up 27 drummers and 27 steers OR have 12 drummers and 12 steers assigned to one boat for two blocks of time.
  4. Ask teams to provide their own drummer.
  5. ID steers and drummers with a number, bandana, or tank top, S for steer and D for drummer on PFD.
  6. IDBF some places pay steers.  We could designate 12 parking spaces as renumeration.
  7. Gary asked that at Saturday Wrap meeting we do not discuss any Corp team issues.
  8. Remember being steer certified does not mean being race ready to steer.

Survey summary from Teams and Corporate (Desiree)

  1. Many positive responses, especially for the tent area.
  2. Corporate says too much lag time between races (corp boat loading is the longest time group)
  3. Some reported not enough racing for the money (ours is one of least expensive races)
  4. Some reported too much is crammed in to Sat (it is possible move Youth and Collegiate to Sunday.  HS can’t due to transportation)
  5. Some Corp want to increase heat time intervals (loading issue – can be fixed by going from 8 mins to 10 mins heat intervals)
  6. Parking complaints (It is always.  Our parking is better than most.  Usually people have not read the website)
  7. The music was too loud (it was.  We need to set a sound limit next year)
  8. Guts and Glory — some asked for 2 categories: 1000m and 2000m (not realistic)
  9. Jot form problems (mostly with waivers w/ Apple.  Other groups have same problem)
  10. Wilson Electric problem on Sat (gate was tripped and closed – solved by 9:30)
  11. Schedule issues for next year.  Some asked to move up one week or push it back (pushing back means in middle of Spring Training.  Pushing forward puts us in a possible heat wave.  We benefit from being at the same time as Mill Ave Arts Festival and ASU spring break.  In 2019 it will fall on Easter weekend.  “Lake Days” was the week before.)
  12. Things to continue or include:
    • Tent City
    • Water station at volunteer tent
    • Let Corp decorate their area – no balloons allowed
    • Provide more sand bags and encourage bringing

Happy Hour (Jordie by Russ)

  1. 60 people paid
  2. $100 appears to be the profit, but not all expenses and income are accounted for you.
  3. Raffle brought in $152.
  4. One negative was no accommodation for kids or non-drinks.
  5. Positive was the payment in advance.
  6. Team Blue was accommodated well.
  7. More problems were with the numerous flyer revisions with too many people involved.  We need a central data base next year.
  8. There was no loss.
  9. The restaurant and paddler feeedback was all positive

Race and Marshalling (Gary C and Eric)

  1. Start line commands were confusing.  We need to use the IDBF 3 calls all day
  2. Some teams felt dispute info was not provided.
  3. Gary F suggested marshalling needs to have more volunteers and move faster.  Docks need to receive better communication on what teams are up.
  4. BCS will stay the same for now.  Unless a proposal is made and it is agreed 100% by every team captain there will be no change.  There are 6 teams and all must agree (has to do with desire of some to avg times instead of having a fine – currently all teams race same 3 teams whole day.  Julie asked if we can use avg time for Final 2 races)
  5. We need live results – some boats were out of order.  It is a work in progress – photo results like DPW
  6. RACE OFFICIALS and KWOK — NO RACING (this is emphasized by Dr. Joel and standard policy for other races)
  8. Wrist bands
    1. Gary F. reports we need 2 readers.  We had 4 readers but not enough people to read them (Numerous comments on this issue regarding wrist bands being assigned to individuals and is the picture necessary.  More discussion will follow.  Kwok is perfecting the system as we speak.  We had 4 readers but not enough people to read them.  Probably Corp only needs picture.  Changes can be made race day but up to a deadline.  No changes made once a team enters marshaling.
  9. AZDBA Tent Banners for “Disputes” and “First Aid” (next year)
  10. Team Blue and Mesa Bulldogs – need extra time to load (Next year Gary C. will make sure there is no team in front of their boats)
  11. Marshalling – Gary F reports marshalling needs more volunteers – we also need to designate Odd and Even; red and blue often don’t remain relevant
  12. Boat 7 – will have extra boat for next year



  1. Radio sign out only needs printed name of who has it
  2. We need more lip balm
  3. SRP boxes need a clear map for placement, maybe # so we can include checking and pick up when rest rooms are checked
  4. We need more volunteers esp Sat on the docs
  5. We need a laminated instruction sheet for running the Kids Lair and discontinue Sunday


  1. Team appreciated planned breaks
  2. Some on Sat say it is too crunched
  3. Corp thought they were too spaced out
  4. Perhaps we can use Corp as a buffer

City of Tempe – Alicia  (Now that Alicia replaced by Ryan – need to give him heads up on these agreements Alicia made)

  1. No other programs will approve for that weekend
  2. Fire and PD will have medic on cart and on their boat
  3. Use print shop of City of Tempe b/c of 501c3
  4. 4×6 banner is only $30 for non-profit
  5. Can have PHX PD at College and Curry gate

Photography – Jeff

  1. Shot 1000+ pix can be put online, raw jpeg, can print off
  2. For Fri/Sat next year; what do you want, let him know
  3. This year was quick access
  4. Everyone agreed Jeff did an excellent job and made a great contribution

Finance – Laura

  1. Total profit was $17,000
  2. We still owe Jeff for photography
  3. Add Honor Heath as a sponsor next year
  4. Work with Binal re: finance


At 9:15pm, we did the Round Table.  Thank you to Russ for the recognition of Roger.  Ours is the best festival on the West Coast and 7th in the world.  We need to remember and tell others #1 Safety #2 Fun and #3 AZDBA.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35pm