RaceIt! – 2017 AZDBF Race Results

Introducing RaceIt! by Best Wave

The AZDBA will be showcasing a brand new dragon boat race results system: RaceIt! by BestWave.

In addition to our printed race results board, now anyone with a smartphone can access live race information quickly and easily with the RaceIt! link featuring:

  • Race Results
  • Standings
  • Real-time Divisions
  • Marshalling Announcements
  • Festival Announcements

Teams will be able to check all of their race results on their smart phones, tablets, or computers. Also, teams won’t waste time walking back and forth to the marshalling area or waiting around. And best of all, friends and family who could not be at the festival can see how your team is doing while sitting in the comfort of their home!

Eclipse X2 Paddles

SEE THE RESULTS NOW: www.bestwave.com/race

Click the BestWave link to view RaceIt! now.

Advertising Opportunities

On each results page, there will be an advertisement opportunity.

Vendors and sponsors can highlight their companies and products with a link to their web page and their
telephone number. Teams can post messages and announcements, such as “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations”, or to wish “Good Luck” to their team.

The ads will be viewed by festival participants, as well all audiences from all over who view the webpages.

Click here to purchase ad space now.